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Ang Lee’s Academy Award for directing ‘Life of Pi’ thrills people in his home of Taiwan


首先,來看看標題中thrill這個單字,或許有人會立刻想到害怕的顫抖,或是顫慄,不過這個字也有正面意思,也就是興奮到發抖,的確李安獲得奧斯卡獎讓台灣多數民眾非常振奮。學了這個字後以後不要每次都寫XXX is so excited with something囉。

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A second Academy Award for director Ang Lee has surprised his home of Taiwan as much as Hollywood.
Lee Gang, the director’s brother, said he thought “Life of Pi” might not be an Oscar favorite because its theme isn’t mainstream. The shipwreck story of an Indian boy on a boat with a tiger was crafted with a production team of international artistic and visual effects workers, whose efforts helped the film garner the most awards of Sunday evening’s ceremony with four.
Mainstream: 這個字是主流的意思,而相對來說非主流、另類這個詞我們會如何表達呢?一搬來說,常見的字眼會有alternative

Garner 在這裡就是指收穫、獲得的意思。

It was honored for its visual effects, cinematography and original score, in addition to Lee’s directing. The best-director race was seen as the night’s biggest surprise as Steven Spielberg had been favored for “Lincoln.”

visual effects, cinematography and original score 這些都是奧斯卡的獎項讓我們來看看奧斯卡有什麼獎項呢?
Best Actor in a Leading Role 最佳男主角
Best Actor in a Supporting Role 最佳男配角
Best Actress in a Leading Role 最佳女主角
Best Actress in a Supporting Role:最佳女配角
Best Animated Feature 最佳動畫
Best Animated Short Film 最佳動畫短篇
Best Art Direction   最佳藝術指導
Best Cinematography     最佳攝影
Best Costume  最佳服裝設計
Best Documentary Feature     最佳紀錄片
Best Documentary (short subject)  最佳紀錄短片
Best Film Editing    最佳剪輯
Best Foreign Film   最佳外語片
Best Live Action Short Film   最佳紀實短片
Best Makeup   最佳化妝
Best Original Score 最佳配樂
Best Original Song  最佳電影主題曲
Best Sound     最佳音效
Best Sound Editing        最佳音效剪輯
Best Visual Effects 最佳視覺特效
Honorary Award     終身成就獎


Taiwanese TV stations on Monday called Lee “the Glory of Taiwan” and reran his Oscar ceremony address in which he said that he could not have made the movie “without the help of Taiwan.”

“the Glory of Taiwan” 我們最常看到的台灣之光這個詞,下次看到知道該如何寫了吧!

Lee has said the key setting for “Life of Pi” — a large water tank built at a studio in Taiwan — allowed the crew to use its imagination freely and not be restrained (限制) by Hollywood values.
The film has been a global box-office success and did well in Taiwan because of Lee’s popularity and because much of it was shot on the island. After his win, Lee encouraged other Asian and non-American filmmakers to try to tackle Hollywood.

Tackle 就如下圖的動作,像美式足球一般擒抱對手,這裡就是指挑戰、解決好萊屋。

“I think sometimes this disadvantage can be an advantage. The fact that I come from another culture makes me special,” he said.
Lee won his first best director Academy Award for 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain.” He also had been nominated for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

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多倫多大學 首辦台生免托福申請

多倫多大學 首辦台生免托福申請
【聯合報╱記者劉盈慧/台北報導】台灣學生憑學測、英聽成績也可申請加拿大的知名大學。公立多倫多大學士嘉堡校區(University of Toronto Scarborough)首度為台灣的高中畢業生推出「大學之道」專案,以大考中心的學測及英聽測驗等成績,就能申請多大,不必考托福。

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1.      大量選讀美國高階知識份子閱讀的文章:華爾街日報、經濟學人
2.      借由課堂討論實際練習:讓同學在最短時間內,具備有閱讀並撰寫學術性英文的能力。
3.      完整寫作策略、過程的指導,讓學生於課程結束後能了解自身閱讀寫作方面的問題,並加以克服。
4.      針對課堂情形,隨時調整授課內容,讓同學獲得廣泛且及時的資訊。
5.      不同於一般的閱讀、寫作課程,採用深入淺出、生動活潑的授課方式,讓同學輕鬆獲得閱讀、寫作技能。



維吉尼亞州大學碩士, -加州大學聖地牙哥學士
哈佛英文托福教師, -東吳大學英文系講師, -師範大學英語文教學中心老師
英文教科書主編, -ACEG TESOL 講師
教學網站 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erics-English-Lounge/102632746493540



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戴上Google 眼鏡會是什麼感覺

How it will feel to wear Google Glass
戴上Google 眼鏡會是什麼感覺
By Pete Pachal

What would it be like to wear Google Glass? Google answered that very (十足的) question Wednesday morning, posting (公開展示) a lot more information about Project (計畫) Glass, including the user interface (介面), through a series of photos and videos.


You can see the UI (user interface,使用者介面) and some of the features of Glass here, although the images don't quite capture the exact experience. The headset doesn't actually have lenses in front of your eyes, just a small screen (viewable via (經由) a mirrored (鏡像) glass block) above and to the right of the wearer's right eye.

As such, the point-of-view images that show a large action window in the center of the field of view are a little misleading (誤導).

Still, the photos, posted on Google's Project Glass website, show more about how Glass works than any photo of the hardware could convey (傳播).

This video shows even more: Commanding (控制、指揮) the headset (耳機、戴在頭上的收話器) is as easy as uttering () the words "OK, Glass," a clever use of real-world speech to engage (佔用) the device's listening mode.

Once engaged, Glass is capable of taking photos, recording videos, looking up answers on Google, showing reminders (提醒、備忘錄) (such as for a flight) and sharing whatever you're looking at — either via messaging or through a Google+ Hangout (住處,在這裡表示google+的視訊服務).

As Google co-founder Sergey Brin himself revealed previously, Glass will also have an automatic picture-taking mode, snapping (快照) pics at a preset (事先調整) intervals (間隔) (such as every 5 seconds).

Google also launched (開辦) a contest with its own hashtag (關鍵字連結標記,由twitter所帶動的一種tag技術) (#ifihadglass), challenging anyone to come up with creative uses for Google Glass that can be explained in 50 words or fewer. Winners will get the chance to buy their own, along with developers (開發者), when they become available. The price: $1,500, plus tax.

Are you impressed with how Google Glass works? Let us know in the comments.

Google glass:
Google glass外型如同一隻眼鏡卻具備了視訊攝影機、無線網路連線,還可以將拍攝的影片即時在社群網站 Google+上播放。 用戶只要戴上 Google Glass 說聲命令,就可以拍照、錄影、發送訊息,導航和即時翻譯更不是問題。 目前已知有四款顏色可供選擇:

2013年2月20日 星期三


Ten Ways to Find Inspiration

By Paul Shread

Busy professionals, especially those running a startup (草創、剛開始營運的) or small business, can find themselves so buried (埋頭於…) in the details that they find it hard to set aside time to think about the big picture.
So if you’re feeling stuck (困住、停止、阻塞), here are some ways you may find inspiration, courtesy of (感謝提供) CareerBliss.

Brainstorm (腦力激盪). Write down all your thoughts about the issue at hand. Getting past self-censorship (自我審查) can reveal (揭露) new ideas.

Try art. Drawing what’s on your mind can help you make sense (感知) of it, even if you have no artistic (藝術鑑賞的) ability.

Seek another viewpoint. A fresh perspective can work wonders.

Learn from your competitors. What have they done right? Where have they failed? What can you do better?

Ask thought-provoking (引人深思的) questions. What if PowerPoint didn’t exist? What would Steve Jobs do?

Do something new. Listen to music you’ve never heard, or read something completely different.

Get moving. Stand, stretch (伸展), walk up the stairs, go for a run. Moving your muscles can free your mind.

Find what inspires you and keep it nearby. Whether it’s a quote, video or work of art, keep your “muse (謬斯女神)” near you for those moments when you need inspiration.

Change location. Get out of your cubicle (辦公隔間) and work in your conference room, or any other change that refreshes you.

Sleep on it. Sometimes it’s better just to come back fresh the next day.


courtesy :
The pictures have been reproduced by courtesy of the British Museum.
courtesy of 在這邊就是感謝的意思。

Viewers can see the stadium form the air, courtesy of a camera fastend to the plane.
courtesy of 在句中也是充分表現出感謝、多虧的意思。



赫西俄德在其《神譜》中說,她們是眾神之王宙斯和提坦女神的記憶女神謨涅摩敘涅所生育的9個女兒。 阿爾克曼則認為她們要比宙斯古老,她們是烏拉諾斯和蓋亞的女兒。


2013年2月7日 星期四


Australian Kids Face Birthday Candle Ban to Prevent Spreading Germs
By Charlie Campbell

Australian children are to be banned from blowing out candles (吹蠟燭)
on birthday cakes under new hygiene (衛生) regulations (規定)
that have been slammed (猛烈抨擊) by the Australian Medical Association as “bubble-wrapping.” (氣泡包裝紙,此引申為過度保護)

According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph (澳洲每日電報), the guidelines (守則), set by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC,澳洲國家健康與醫療研究會), instruct (指示、命令) daycare centers (托兒中心) to provide birthday boys and girls with their own individual cupcakes (杯子蛋糕) to blow the candles out, to avoid the spread of germs.

“Children love to blow out their candles while their friends are singing ‘Happy birthday,’” the document (公文) states (陳述、聲明). “To prevent the spread of germs when the child blows out the candles, parents should either provide a separate (個別的) cupcake, with a candle if they wish, for the birthday child and enough cupcakes for all the other children.”

Daycare staff (職員) should also be required (被要求) to clean toys, doorknobs (門把) , floors and cushion covers (抱枕、墊子套) with germ-killing disinfectant (殺菌、消毒劑)
on a daily basis, while youngsters must wash their hands with alcohol-based (以酒精成份為主的) sanitizer (消毒、殺菌劑) before and after playing in sandpits (沙坑), says the NHMRC.

But Australian doctors say the guidelines go too far (太過分、太超過), noting how exposure to (暴露於…) bacteria is essential (必要的) for the development of a healthy immune system (免疫系統).

“If somebody sneezes (打噴嚏) on a cake, I probably don’t want to eat it either — but if you’re blowing out candles, how many organisms (生物、有機體) are transferred (遷移、調動) to a communal (共有的) cake, for goodness’ sake? (看在老天的份上、拜託?!)” AMA president Steve Hambleton told News Ltd.

“It’s normal and healthy to be exposed to a certain amount of environmental antigens (抗原) that build up (增進、組成) our immune systems. If you live in a plastic bubble (塑膠泡泡,意指隔離) you’re going to get infections (傳染病) [later on] that you can’t handle (掌控).”

The NHMRC also urged (催促) parents to allow their children to stay at home if feeling unwell in order to avoid unnecessarily spreading infections to their school classmates. Schools should ignore doctors’ letters that state a pupil is healthy if teachers suspect (懷疑) otherwise (不同樣地), said the council.

這個字除了在這篇文章中提到的,對於某人或事件猛烈抨擊外,平常也用來形容猛地關上門、扔、推東西等等,發出砰!一聲的樣子。 另外,籃球比賽中的灌籃(slam dunk)也可以用這個字來表示喔。 美國有一本籃球雜誌就以它作為名稱呢。

也就是”bubble wrap”的意思。 這種塑膠做成的氣泡包裝紙相信是許多人無聊時的最愛,原因就是壓破它有一種難以言喻的觸感和細微的聲。 通常氣泡包裝紙都用來包覆在貴重或易碎的物品上,在文章裡的意思則是說NHMRC太過保護這些孩童、小題大作。



(中央社訊息服務20130207 17:06:55) 托福(TOEFL)考試對於要出國留學的學生,是非重要且困難的考試,因此大家也衍伸出很多考試的準備題庫規則。其中最有名的就是俗稱機經的猜題預測,但是由於目前考試的規則變化很大,因此上一次的考試中,並沒有人命中考試範圍。


此外,哈佛托福名師也特別提醒同學,機經是很好的練習因為它包含了真正的考古題,但是不可過於的依賴它! 關鍵還是要提升實力。而且,機經最重要的是寫作和口語,提前準備好思路,儲備好關鍵字,對考場的發揮還是很有幫助的。對於考試機經有興趣同學請訂閱哈佛電子報http://eepurl.com/hzXE-/ ,或是加入我們粉絲團https://www.facebook.com/howardstudy?ref=ts 部落格http://howardstudy.blogspot.tw/ ,如有更多問題,請電(02)2389-6403哈佛英文或上網www.howardstudy.com.tw 了解。

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全民英檢主辦單位LTTC表示,為了鼓勵具英語力的學習者持續進修並將所學落實於國際交流,每年提供「行萬里獎助」,針對擬出國短期遊學、進修者,提供3至5萬元的獎助金,歡迎有興趣者踴躍申請。活動辦法詳見LTTC官網(www.lttc.ntu.edu.tw)、GEPT官網 (www.gept.org.tw)。
【2013/01/22 聯合晚報】http://udn.com/

打工度假新選擇 愛爾蘭等你來探險

打工度假新選擇 愛爾蘭等你來探險

(中央社訊息服務20130206 17:06:25)從今年開始除了紐西蘭、澳洲、日本、加拿大、德國、韓國及英國外,愛爾蘭也開放400個名額給我國18歲至30歲青年前往打工度假。

愛爾蘭自今年元旦起開放台灣青年申請旅行工作計畫,只要是18歲到30歲之間的中華民國國民,與役畢的男性,都符合申請資格,但也由於申請資格相當寬鬆,申請也相當熱門。哈佛英文留遊學中心表示,整個申請流程並不難,第一步,至”愛爾蘭移民歸化署”網頁:http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/Working%20Holidays%20in%20Ireland 下載打工度假申請表,並填寫完成寄送至移民歸化署即可完成申請。一旦取得資格即可在愛爾蘭停留一年,期間可就讀任何語言學校或證書課程,哈佛英文留遊學中心建議,如果英文程度還不到應對自如的狀況時,要找工作並不容易,特別是歐洲現在失業率高達10%、年輕人失業狀況更高的情況下,因此建議先上語言課程三個月,熟悉當地環境之後,再透過學校幫忙媒合工作,會比較容易找到工作。




年後轉職 出國取得證照增加競爭力

(中央社訊息服務20130201 17:20:48)以往出國遊學,大多數的同學會選擇就讀語言學校,增進自身的英文能力為主。不過在面對日愈競爭的職場環境,單單提升英文能力是無法應付這些改變,以及為自己在職場上加分。 哈佛英文留學中心近期推出獨家新方案:讓出國遊學不再只是學英文,還能取得專業證照,輕鬆在職場加分。哈佛留學顧問表示:近期詢問專業證書遊學課程的學生有明顯增加之趨勢,因為學生不再只滿足出國只是學英文,更希望可以學習專業技能。哈佛英文留學顧問更進一步表示:專業證書課程,除了可以學習專業技能,增進英文,更有下列好處: 1.就讀環境良好:提供證書課程的學校為UC Irvine、UC Berkeley,都是全美排名前50大的學校,所以具備優良學習環境,在師資上也是非常優良。 2.課程類型選擇多元:提供相當多元的證書課程讓學生選擇,課程有:商業管理、通信系統設計工程、國際商業管理、行銷、英語教學以及IDP國際證書課程(以商業管理課程為主),同學可以自己的興趣選擇修習。 3.獲取國外工作經驗:證書課程會搭配實習課程,使得同學除了學習外,還可以取得在國外工作、實習的經驗,增強自身的職場競爭力。 雖然說證書課程好處多多,哈佛留學顧問提醒同學:因為證書課程為較專業的課程,所以希望同學會具備英文的能力:UC Irvine要求同學具備托福(TOEFL)71分或是多益(TOEIC)710分以上的成績,想申請的同學必須多多注意。詳細情形可以洽詢哈佛留遊學中心,(02)2389-6403,www.eslstudy.com.tw 。 訊息來源:哈佛留學服務有限公司

2013年2月5日 星期二


New Strain of Norovirus Is Circulating in the U.S.
By Alexandra Sifferlin

Piggybacking off (脫離) this year’s influenza (流行性感冒) epidemic (<流行病的>傳播), a new strain (種、族) of the highly contagious (傳染性的) norovirus has reached (抵達、傳到) the U.S. from Australia.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC,美國疾病管制預防中心) reports in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (每周發病和死亡報告) that the new norovirus strain, called GII.4 Sydney (GII.4雪梨,這種新型諾羅病毒的名稱)
, is currently the leading cause of norovirus outbreaks (爆發) in the U.S. and accounted () for 58% of cases of the infection (感染) in December.

Often confused (混淆) with the stomach flu because of its contemporaneous (同時發生的) circulation (流通、傳播) with influenza during winter months, norovirus causes 21 million cases of illness, often involving severe (劇烈的) vomiting (嘔吐)
and diarrhea (腹瀉); 70,000 hospitalizations (住院治療) each year in the U.S.; and 800 deaths. While influenza is a respiratory illness (呼吸系統疾病), norovirus, which comes in five forms, favors (偏愛) the stomach () and intestinal tract (腸道), causing inflammation of tissues (組織發炎) that leads to pain, nausea (噁心) , as well as diarrhea and vomiting. According to the CDC, about 51% of the cases in the U.S. were caused by person-to-person transmission (人對人傳染) and 20% resulted from contaminated (弄髒的、受汙染的) food. Most infections occur (發生) in places where large numbers of people are gathered (聚集), such as schools, nursing homes (療養院) and cruise ships (郵輪), where the virus can pass easily from host (宿主)  to host.

The new strain of norovirus was first identified (鑑定) in March 2012 in Australia and has since sickened people on several continents (大陸、大洲). Historically, the GII strains have caused more severe illness than other versions (變化型) of the virus, but officials at the CDC says it is too early in the season to determine (斷定) if GII.4 Sydney is infecting people at higher rates than in previous years. The norovirus season runs from November through March and cases typically peak (達到高峰) in January.

Although most of the time you recover (復原、恢復健康) after 24 or 48 hours, [norovirus] is a reason for people to come to the emergency room (急診室) and is even responsible (作為原因的) for a small number of death each year. It’s not a completely innocuous (無害的) virus and can certainly ruin (毀滅) a vacation,” says Dr. John Treanor, chief (主任) of the Infectious Diseases Division (傳染疾病部) at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

There are no treatments (治療) for norovirus, other than (除了) riding out (安全度過) the infection, but Treanor and a group of scientists are currently testing a vaccine (疫苗) developed by LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals (藥物,這裡做為藥廠名稱). The shot (疫苗) contains a part of the norovirus’ outer layer (外層), which they hope will generate a strong immune (免疫的) response (反應) in those who get immunized (使免疫).

A vaccine would be critical (關鍵性的) for preventing (避免) the disease from escalating (逐步上升) in populations (人數); because it spreads (擴散) so quickly, norovirus infections are difficult to contain (控制). “You really only have to be exposed to (暴露在) a couple of viral particles (病毒粒子) to get sick,” says Treanor. “This makes it very contagious (傳染性的) because when you have norovirus, you are dispersing (傳播) literally (實在的、不加誇飾的) millions of particles. When it only takes one or two to make the next person sick, it translates into very high contagiousness.”

Fortunately (幸運地), the same things you do to protect (保護) yourself from flu (流行性感冒) also work in holding off (使無法接近) infection with norovirus. The CDC recommends (建議) the following (下述的):

Wash your hands carefully with soap and water, especially after using the bathroom or changing diapers (尿布) and before handling (觸摸) food.
Carefully wash produce (農產品) and seafood before cooking and consuming (/喝光) them.
If you’re sick, wait two to three days after you recover before preparing food for anyone.
Immediately clean any infected or contaminated surfaces (表面) and wash laundry (穿過的衣服、待洗的衣服) thoroughly (徹底地、認真仔細地).

Piggybacking off:
Picggyback是說像騎馬打仗那樣揹在肩或背上,“off” 則的基礎涵義是「脫離」。 在這裡的意思是指說新種的諾羅病毒GII.4 Sydney從原本的諾羅病毒變種獨立出來。

Vaccine shot:
一劑疫苗的意思。 打針時不是都會有個注射 “inject” 的動作嗎? 所以 “shot” 在這裡就是施打疫苗之意。

2013年2月4日 星期一



From magnetic (有吸引力的、有魅力的) polishes (指甲油) and subscription (訂閱) services (服務) to Shellac manicures (Shellac美甲凝膠,一種在美國很受歡迎的美甲產品) and at-home gel sets (家用凝膠組), the nail care industry (美甲產業) has been one of beauty’s fastest-growing sectors (部門) in recent years. WWD (Women's Wear Daily,美國知名女性時尚網站) reports nail polish sales hit a record $768 million in the U.S. in 2012, a 32% gain (收益) over 2011, despite a cluttered (凌亂、混亂的) market that seemingly (表面上、似乎是) sees a new launch (發行、投入市場) each week.

Like lipstick (口紅), nail polish is often considered an economic indicator (指標). “A rise in nail polish sales indicates (表示) that we’re searching for bargain (便宜的) luxuries (奢侈品) as the economy craters (突然衰退) ,” wrote Adam Davidson, co-founder of NPR’s (National Public Radio,美國公共聯播網) Planet Money (NPR介紹生活化的經濟趨勢、現象的一個部落格), in the New York Times in 2011. That theory would seem to prove true of last year’s boom (繁榮、大漲) , too: decorative (裝飾) treatments (處理), including patterned (有圖案的) nail stickers (貼紙) and textured (特定結構的) polishes, were among the most popular emerging (新興的)
Trends (趨勢). Gel products, which saw a growth spike (突然熱銷) during the holiday season, are also on the rise.

Elsewhere (另一方面) , social media (社群媒體) is also giving the sector a boom. Lori Silverstein, chief beauty officer for Peninsula (半島) Beauty, attributed (歸功於)
the company’s 30% growth to apps like Instagram, which allows users to share pictures of (and perhaps create buzz (
議論紛紛、吵雜聲) about) their nail art. In September, E! Online even introduced a “Mani Cam” at the 2012 Emmy Awards, inviting celebrities to walk their fingers down a red carpet for a close-up (特寫) view of their manicures. The gimmick (花招) was panned (批評) at the time, but in light of the industry’s latest sales figures (銷售數字), Mani Cams may only be the beginning.

Buzz :

Shellac是一種特殊的美甲產品。 Shellac的使用方式,幾乎和一般的指甲油差不多。先上一層base coat,上兩層喜歡的顏色,再上一層top coat,都和一般指甲油一樣,只不過這些產品都必須是shellac系列的。此外,每上一層,就要在紫外線燈下照射約一分半,才能再上另一層。最後top coat照了紫外線,再用酒精擦拭就有增加亮度的效果。這樣就完成了。雖然上一層就要照一次光,好像很花時間,但實則不然。因為照了光以後,立刻凝固,這整個流程一結束,任憑你立刻怎麼動手、怎麼碰撞,都不會損壞剛做好美美的指甲!一般的指甲油上完後,總得小心翼翼保護一段時間、確保完全乾掉才能恢復自由,而且就算乾了,一碰撞還是會「落漆」。Shellac完全沒這個困擾。流程一結束,就隨便你怎麼碰怎麼撞,只要不是太誇張(像是刻意拿東西摳它),完全不會有任何損傷!Shellac做出來的指甲,也有美麗的光澤,可以維持兩個星期,不像一般指甲油過個幾天就光彩盡失。此外,因為它就像是指甲油那樣擦上去,所以沒有厚重的問題,就跟一般指甲油一樣輕盈。雖然輕盈,但它的強韌度可十分驚人,讓我這個指甲薄軟的人極為喜愛,就像替我的指甲穿上盔甲一樣。Shellac也不是沒有缺點。它的缺點就是很難卸。一般的去光水是去不掉的。


˙什麼是Mani Cams?
Mani Cams是美國娛樂網站E! Online2012年艾美獎的頒獎典禮所做的一個特殊橋段;鏡頭會照著藝人的手指,並讓他們的手指像明星般在小紅地毯上已展示她們的美麗彩繪指甲。 雖然這個橋段備受爭議,但也為美甲業者和公司帶來可觀的獲利。
影片: http://youtu.be/a-aLg-X3xJs